Love is…..

It's valentine's season, the season of love.. here are a few definition of love so go out there and get the definition you deserve. Enjoy:) Love is unconditional Love is selfless Love is patient Love is kind Love is mature Love is understanding Love is wise Love is considerate Love is forgiving Love is humble … Continue reading Love is…..


Money or Love?

This competition between money and love cannot end because both are equally important. Money is used to maintain love but love is the basis of all. we all have our preferences; some of us cant date someone who isn't financially bogus and some dint mind as long as they love them wholeheartedly. The main problem is … Continue reading Money or Love?


How to get over an ex

I know this is the season of love but the truth is that some people would still get their hearts broken so this post is for the(tried and proved😜). If you need an advise about any issue, feel free to leave a comment or email me at ✍🏽Write down all your feelings on a … Continue reading How to get over an ex


Valentines day gift ideas

We all have that special person we want to give something to in this season of love. Here a few gift ideas. I hope you enjoy. Chocolates bouquet Flowers Perfume Jewellery Money Dinner Liquor Food DIY projects Clothing Makeup Underwear Netflix and chill Spa treatment personalised mug Headphones Body wash set Shaving kit Wine Thank … Continue reading Valentines day gift ideas

Feedback Friday

Firstly, I would like to thank every single person that is reading this for you guys are making my dreams come true then I would like to apologise for not asking for feedback since this blog has started. I would like to know: What you love about this blog What you don't like about the blog Things you … Continue reading Feedback Friday